Our customers expect the maximum possible quality and reliabilty with regard to our products and services. Therefore the RWS Railway Service company is subjected to professional audits on a regular basis. In the course of these audits the operational procedures and product standards of the company are put to the acid test. The respective certificates issued so far - which have repeatedly been confirmed in the meantime - attested to the right path trodden by ourselves and our customers.

Of course, we are planning the certification according to the new quality standard called the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS). The European umbrella association of the railway industry UNIFE formulated this quality standard and it combines the general requirements of the quality standard  ISO 9001 with the additional requirements of the railway industry. The International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) is the creation of an internationally standardized standard for all suppliers of the railway industry in order to  redundantise the previous mutual assessment and auditing procedures which are partially very complex and expensive.

IRIS is accepted by all big train manufacturers and makes the highest demands and strictest requirements with regard to the quality standards on the railway suppliers at all.