Control Electronics

Development of customized modular controllers based on software and used for equipment in railway vehicles and industrial plants. Design of alternative solutions for obsolete components of circuit boards including their development and the unbundling of the circiuit board as well as the placement.

Refurbishment of electronical components and components of control electronics according to the BDAT (best demonstrated available technology).

We apply the following software in order to meet the high demands in matters of the quality standard, the reliability and the functionality of our products:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2014
  • EAGLE Layout Editor 7.5.0


We design and develop electrical components, modules and systems for the railway industry in-house, the professional unbundling of circuit boards and the design of housings as well as in-house manufacturing and functional testing.

Whilst designing we comply with all the standards and regulations which are relevant for the railway industry.

As a medium-sized company we permanently try to design customized solutions for controlling and monitoring specific vehicle requirements.

We are specialized in small series production.

We also offer individual solutions for your technical problems designed by ourselves and in cooperation with partners.

Our team is highly qualified and motivated and thus guarantee a high quality of our products in both, the manufacturing process and the final testing in the testing facility.

The certificate mentioned below documents the high quality, reliability and function of our products:

The approval tests on our products are carried out in a certified test lab in accordance with  the standards stipulated by the Deutsche Bahn.

We can carry out special tests by request of our customers.


The RWS company offers individual solutions for the refurbishment of power-electronic devices and components.

We mainly replace obsolete components and modules in order to extend their service life and deal with problems caused by their obsolesence. The replacement of analogue control modules by digital controls based on software is one of the core issues of our development work.


Please find a choice of our references related to the issue of Steuerelektronik.

Project Customer Details Period of performance
PSD-Rail S-Bahn Berlin GmbH 110V/24V 100W DC-SVG 2015
GTO-SVG S-Bahn Berlin GmbH 110V/ 8x48V 30kHz DC-SVG 2015
ELS DC 10/60 S-Bahn Berlin GmbH 750V/60A DC solid-state contactor 2016