Fire alarm Systems

Play safe: We significantly contribute to a safe and smooth operation in the field of public transportation and of national and international intercity transportation by means of the high-quality products we continiously develop for railway vehicles in the field of fire detection systems, and which have been successfully used for many years.

Even under the most difficult conditions our smoke and fire detectors ensure a maximum of safety due to early optical and acoustical alarm, thus helping to save cost.

In addition, there is the simple handling and an excellent price/performance ratio.

Of course, all our products meet the requirements of the European standards:

  • EN 54-2
  • EN 54-7
  • EN 60950
  • EN 60529 IP 43

plus the requirements of the railway standards:

  • EN 50121-3-3/9.00
  • EN 50155
  • UIC 642
  • DIN IEC 60529

Fire detection technology

RWS smoke and fire detectors increase the safety of the train because minimum response time means minimum damage caused by fire!

Technical faults will be spotted rapidly. Detectors alert on site and in the central fire alarm system optically and acoustically.

For several years we have been gaining some experiences in the field of retrofitting fire detecting systems even under most difficult conditions.


The RWS company operates several fire detecting systems in different railway vehicles.  Their servicing and maintenance, respectively, is of the essence for the future safety of the passengers to be also guaranteed.

In connection with the maintenance you use the term „wear“ when it causes the reduction of the so-called wear reserve. This process extends to a wear limit either agreed upon or stated. As soon as this wear limit is reached a breakdown will be as likely as not. Therefore, the servicing and maintenance is necessary in order to delay the reduction of the wear reserve or in order to repair the system.

Improvements are measures taken in order to increase the functional reliability without modifying its mode of operation.

Wear is not avoidable and it is affected by deterioration and by physical environmental conditions like humidity, temperature, mechanical and chemical factors.

Fire detectors have to be checked on a regular basis with good cause because the sensitivity of a detector can change. In order to safeguard the functionality you have to make sure that they will be checked on a regular basis and in accordance with the applicable standards as adjusted from time to time. The operator has to take the respective responsibility as has the contractor.

Conclude a maintenance agreement!

Therefore and in accordance with the applicable standards (DIN VDE 0833 and DIN EN 14675) fire alarm systems have to be subject to servicing measures as for example inspections and maintenance works which are related to the electronical function as well as to the technical function of the sensors.

Fire detectors gradually lose their sensitivity and therefore alert either delayed or not at all. A common reason is the contamination of the detector.

Functional checks are essential after a professional cleaning and the readjustment.

The operator or his representative are responsible for regular visual inspection and on-site inspection of the fire detection system.

Certified specialist companies only are allowed to do the servicing and maintenance of fire detection systems with alarm forwarding.

Talking fire detecting systems the cost issue is an important but should not be the only topic - neither with fire detectors nor with testing devices and aerosols – as fire detecting systems protect lives and safeguard material assets.


Please find a choice of our references in the field of Fire alarm systems.

Project Customer Country
66 Fire alarm systems DB Autozug GmbH Germany
26 Fire alarm systems DB Railion Germany
54 Fire alarm systems CityNightLine AG Switzerland
45 Fire alarm systems Alstom LHB The Netherlands
20 Fire alarm systems WS Travel Slowakia
19 Fire alarm systems Siemens Austria-Canada, USA, Italy
141 Fire alarm systems DB Autozug GmbH Germany
54 Fire alarm systems Alstom Frankreich France
12 Fire alarm systems Max Planck Institut Germany
2 Fire alarm systems Dänische Staatsbahn Danmark
257 Fire alarm systems SBB-Schweiz Switzerland