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Repair & Service

We complement the high manufacturing and testing standards of electrical components with our flexibility in maintenance and service. This ranges from the procurement of spare parts to the maintenance of complete passenger coaches and special freight cars at our customers' sites.


Service work at RWS is regulated by type and scope in long-term contracts - for example, we have been looking after the car transport wagons of ARS Schienentechnik in BW Bremen, which operate throughout Europe, for over 10 years.

Defects detected during maintenance work can be remedied immediately by our service team. To this end, we constantly carry a wide range of replacement materials in our service vehicles. If a special part is needed, we take care of procuring it as quickly as possible.

By arrangement, services can be performed on a mobile basis and at any drivable location.

When an order is placed for the support of an electrotechnical system with a term of at least six months, error statistics are automatically kept. We analyze weak points and evaluate them with the client.

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